Becoming a Sonographer in Florida: What to Know

Florida is known as the sunshine state and the land of theme parks. For anyone who lives in Florida, they also know that there are a number of large hospital systems – and Florida is one of the top states for healthcare. The Department of Veterans Affairs has several large offices throughout the state and the Florida healthcare system is one of the largest hospital chains in the country. Florida sonography schools can provide a significant amount of education for those who want to enter the medical industry and ultrasound technology is being used in more and more facilities.

Sonography Education in Florida

The sonography education in Florida consists of a variety of different options. There are at least 10 different schools that will offer a sonography education – and this includes state colleges, private colleges, community colleges, and technical schools. Some of the top schools include the University of Florida as well as Southwest Florida College.

The average ultrasound technician will attend one of the Florida sonography schools for one year and obtain a diploma certificate. Others who want to extend their career opportunity and work in a higher level position will look at associate or bachelor degrees, which will take to four years to complete. All of these different programs are offered throughout Florida and it will greatly depend upon what one’s ultimate career goals are in terms of how long they will spend in school.

Graduation rates are relatively high and some of this has to do with the fact that there are many career opportunities throughout the state. The average cost for tuition will range anywhere between $7000 and $14,000 a year – and this depends upon the school. Some of the community colleges and technical schools will only cost about $7000 a year while an associate’s degree may cost $25,000 or more over the course of the two years. In addition to tuition, there are also such fees as books, labs, and uniforms area should one decide to stay on campus, there will also be the cost of room and board – which means that a bachelor’s degree could cost upwards of $50,000.

Financial aid is available in abundance for sonography schools in Florida. Scholarships and grants are offered at the federal level, the state level, as well as from various organizations. The Society for Diagnostic Medical Sonography issues several different scholarships throughout the year for students.

Career Outlook for Sonographers in Florida

Everyone who wants to go into ultrasound technology needs to understand what the job outlook is. The growth for careers in sonography is estimated at 44 percent by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is significantly faster than the average career field. With such a high rate of growth, it is easy for individuals to find work as sonographers – especially in the Metropolitan areas of Tampa and Miami, which boasts the highest employment rates in the state.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also estimates that the average salary for a sonographer in Florida is $58,760 a year. While this is slightly lower than what the national average is, it is still a significant salary because the cost of living is lower in Florida. There is also no state income tax, which means that a salary in Florida goes farther than in many other states.

There is not a significant number of sonographers retiring and in some areas of Florida, there is actually a shortage – resulting in the need for more people to attend sonography schools in Florida. It doesn’t take a significant amount of time to receive an education in sonography and there are a number of career opportunities once a person has a degree in their hand.

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