Facing two great platforms- a Shopify
Plus vs. Magento Enterprise Comparison

Looking for the perfect enterprise size platform? Then this is the right article for you. With so many choices out there it can be very difficult to figure out which is the perfect option for your own business, but when you realize that only a few of those platforms will give you an enterprise solution, the list does get a lot shorter. Two of the best enterprise solutions out there are Shopify Plus and alternatives to magento enterprise and there is definitely a lot that they can offer any business out there, so today we are going to be talking a closer look at some of those functionalities by giving you a Shopify Plus vs. Magento Enterprise review, so make sure to keep reading.

Difference in hosting

Something that is a key factor in making this decision, and something that we believe should make the biggest difference for you, is whether you are after a solution that is fully hosted, or self-hosted. Both of them have their pros and cons. For example, while a fully hosted solution takes away a lot of the platform-based responsibilities, it does also take away any possibility for any larger customization. On the other hand, while a self-hosted solution will give you the ability to customize anything you want about the platform, but it will also put a ton of responsibility on your shoulders. You will have to deal with all aspects of security, finding the hosting, managing and maintenance and more. There is also a difference in prices, with the fully hosted solution being much less expensive, so that is also something to keep in mind. So, if after what you just read you are interested in a fully hosted solution, then Shopify Plus is the way to go, while Magento Enterprise will be the right choice if you are after a self-hosted option.

Shopify Plus
Shopify Plus vs. Magento Enterprise


Scalability is also something that we feel you need to consider before choosing a platform, which is why we are going to be taking a look at it next in this Shopify Plus vs. Magento Enterprise review, and form the very beginning we can say that Magento Enterprise takes the cake here. Something that can possibly explain this is the fact that Magento uses PHP, which is a really well-known programming language, and because it is an open source platform as well. This means that you have access to the code and that will allow you to access technology stack, set up multiple currencies, multiple languages and much more. in fact, there are so many options when taking a look at Magento Enterprise, that sometimes it can even get a little bit overwhelming. This will also make it really easy for your business to grow, because you will just be able to expand the platform to accommodate that. Shopify Plus is a platform that is really famous for being easy to use and really simply and user friendly, and that also means that while it has a pretty flexible interface, it also has a lot of limits when it comes to the features that it offers.






Multi-store functionalities

Again, this is a factor where Magento Enterprise wins again and that is because this is one of the main selling point of this platform. You will be able to manage several stores from just one interface, regardless if they are different brands, in different regions and so on. On the other hand, Shopify Plus won’t offer you this, so you will just have to deal with each store individually, which can be a bit tedious and confusing.

Every business out there is different and unique and that means that there will be certain requirements that the platform will need to cover in order for it to be the perfect one. Even when looking at a Shopify Plus vs. Magento Enterprise review, at the end of the day it will be up to you to make the final decision and see which one will fit your business the best, so before you even make a decision, make sure you know your business inside and out.