Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise: What to Choose if Going Custom

Points to Use When Comparing The Platforms

What is the difference between Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise in terms of control? What ecommerce solution to choose if going custom?


If you analyze the growth curve of Shopify Plus platform, you will realize that it is quite impressing. When you look at what supports the most popular ecommerce websites, you will see that their growth amazes over most others. Wondering what is that exactly? Amazing features? Marketing strategy? A great team? We assume it is the combination of several things.

We personally prefer Shopify Plus as it is an extremely reliable platform that can meet the needs of every client. Even though we’ve heard that Shopify Plus is not as customizable ecommerce solution as Magento, we can say that things are constantly changing and Shopify Plus keeps on growing and improving.

What is the difference between Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise in terms of control? Can you maintain control if you choose Shopify Plus?

Ecommerce solution Shopify gives you or your developer a complete control over the code all the way down to the per-URL level. In other words, every single page on your site could have a unique design or code of its own. That is not a practical idea, however, knowing your coding needs are not bound by the platform is essential in making a good investment in technology. What are we trying to say is that when paired with Shopify Plus’ APIs, as well as, Shopify Scripts, the only disadvantage of limit to what you can do with the platform is the talent and skills you surround yourself with.

In order for you to have a continued success, an online store or a brand must compete in a few different areas to avoid being crossed or swallowed up by the online giants of the world. For many businesses, the quality and the uniqueness of the website’s design is crucial. A brand that produces one-off or high-quality products requires a website design that extends and complements their branding. We can say that this is one of the areas where Shopify outshines the rivals the most. The developer can control every aspect of the code and this gives the designer an opportunity to push the limits on experience and layout and create something truly amazing and powerful.

If you are currently using Magento, there is no better timing than now to consider Shopify Plus. Shopify meets the expectations for every request you can present to it and this is something that other platforms can’t say.

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